Security Auditing & Evaluation

Lynx Information Security offers a high level security audit that includes the overview of various methods in which Lynx tests and analyzes the overall security posture of an organization. Lynx ensures that an organization meets the top security standard by verifying the current security strategy, checking security training efforts, exposing extraneous software and hardware, and finally proving that the organization is compliant with regulations.



Vulnerability Assessment

Testing the components of an IT environment within an organization is a continuous and often daunting task. Understanding the most recent attack strategies, as well as testing and updating your defences against them, is vital to enhance the cybersecurity infrastructure. With Lynx, test the investments you have made in your cybersecurity strategies and gain visibility of the security gaps.

Secure Software Development

Lynx aims to help the customers achieve their unique privacy and security objectives. We ensure you have the correct defenses for your data in place to be proactive in managing risk, detecting, and responding to threats and meeting compliance requirements. The Secure Software Development Lifecycle (SSDLC) is a multi-step process that streamlines software development. Lynx helps to highlight the pain points with respect to the security in the early stages of software development that will help to roll out a seamless and secure product thereby establishing a software development backbone.